Annika Neudecker :: Freelance Translator :: Creative English-German Translations by Certified Translator (Native German)
Annika Neudecker - Creative English-German Translator
Annika Neudecker - English-German Translator

“If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”
— Red Adair

1.  I am a professional. I’m a native German, a certified, sworn translator and a member of the German Association of Translators and Interpreters (BDÜ), an organization which accepts only certified translators as full members. Furthermore, I hold a US master’s degree in journalism.

2.  Having worked as a professional freelance translator for six years, I have extensive translation experience in various creative subject areas (including marketing, advertising, public relations, tourism, journalism, entertainment ...).

3.  I offer great value for money. My rates are competitive. Ah, one of those buzz words. What do I mean by “competitive”? I mean my rates are in line with what my (professional) colleagues charge these days. There are tons of cheap “translators” out there — but they’re not professionals, and in the end they’ll cost you more than you ever wanted to spend.

4.  I love my job and I love words, so I’ll be in my element translating, writing and transcreating for you.

5.  I’m a perfectionist and a stickler for details. (My desk may be a little messy at times — I am a creative person, after all — but my mind is tidy).

6.  I don’t just work for my clients — I work with them. Expect me to ask questions about your text. Further context and reference material (or lack thereof) can make or break a translation. I’ll ask the right questions to make sure my German translation reflects the meaning, message, and style of your English original.

7.  I’m a self-appointed grammar, spelling and punctuation crusader. You (or your clients) won’t need to hire a new translator to fix my grammar; and you won’t need to pay a proofreader to add those hyphens 90 % of the German population love to ignore (despite official spelling rules).

8.  I work near-miracles with a cup of coffee (at my end) and a friendly word (from your end).

9.  I take my job seriously, so unless I’m hanging over a cliff (or fighting off the flu), I’ll meet your deadline. A translator’s life is made up of deadlines, and I will ensure that I meet yours.

10.  I only accept jobs I feel qualified to do. Therefore, I can always guarantee high-quality translations into German.

Dana Ionescu, Head of Linguistic Management, Lingo24 Ltd (Translation Service Provider):

Miss Annika Neudecker has been working with us for more than four years now and has completed a total of over 700 translation and checking tasks. She is one of our most trusted translators for English into German. The quality of her work has always been top notch; her attitude towards translation work and her love for the language are reflected in the positive feedback we receive from clients with regards to the quality of the tasks she undertakes.

Over the years we have had clients come back to us and request that their orders be translated by Annika. In the eyes of other clients who order especially highly creative texts, she's our star translator, as she is very imaginative and handles marketing translations like no other. Juggling with the texts, but at the same time keeping the tone and accuracy of the source texts – and still making them sound as if they had been written in the target language – is one of the most challenging parts of handling a translation project.

With Annika, we never have any doubts about the results of her work. It just makes one wish there were more translators like her out there. As for deadlines, I don’t believe we have ever had a problem with delivery. Annika is well aware of how much she can take on and will never take on more work if she knows she can’t deliver it in time. You will find she is a very enthusiastic person who loves what she does and will never be afraid to show it, always to the benefit of the client, I am sure.

Annika Neudecker :: Freelance Translator :: Creative English-German Translations by Certified Translator (Native German)